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Sharing our military’s minesweeping know-how with Asian countrie...

Sharing our military’s minesweeping know-how with Asian countries


Our military’s accumulated experience in minesweeping during the South-North railway connection project and minesweeping operations in the civilian controlled area are being passed on to Asian countries. 


The Ministry of National Defence(MND) said that managerial officers will participate in the first ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting-Plus(ADMM+Plus) Humanitarian Mine Action(HMA) subcommittee to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from June 17-20, to introduce our minesweeping experience to participants and discuss plans for supporting countries damaged by landmines and unexploded bombs as well as participating in international cooperative projects.


As one of the six ADMM+Plus subcommittees, HMA subcomittee covers common security interests in the Asia-Pacific region and was approved to be established in August of last year, arising from the necessity of getting rid of buried or abandoned mines and unexploded bombs over some Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc.


At this first meeting to be held since the establishment of the subcommittee was approved, participants are going to share their experiences with mine and unexploded bomb removal and discuss international cooperative plans based on evaluation of damages due to mines and unexploded bombs and their threat factors as well.

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