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15th Dongmyeong unit starts training for Lebanon operation

15thDongmyeong unit starts training for Lebanon operation



The 15th Dongmyeong unit (Colonel Ham Nam-kyu, the head of the unit) had an organizing ceremony at the international Peace Corps on July 4, and reaffirmed its resolve to complete missions.

Soldiers are preparing to make immediate mission execution possible by having the best level of fighting skills, physical strength of combat and civil-military operations ability prior to the departure early next month. During this period, they will attain proficiency in tactical training courses such as fixed monitoring, guard and escort operation, visitors control center (VCC) operation, and individual and unit protection as well as emergency conditions solving assignments. The chance to master an individual specialty is also provided through consigned education from around 70 military and civil organizations such as Armed Forces Medical Academy, KT Information Center, etc.

Moreover, professors from PKO Center, Korea National Defense University, are going to give a lecture about the UN’s PKO activities and local situations to let soldiers learn basic grounding and specialty. They are also planning to learn Taekwondo, martial arts, modeumbuk, and samulnori for civil-military operations. Colonel Ham Nam-kyu, 10th head of Dongmyeong unit who is commanding preparations of the 15th unit’s dispatch, said, “We will fully make ourselves masters of individual missions during the preparation period so that immediate execution of operations is possible.”


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