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Seamen polishing their military techniques ... enters summer mil...

Seamen polishing their military techniques ... enters summer military practical exercise


Navy cadets who will lead the future Navy and the Marine Corps have laced up their combat shoes to improve their practical working skills suitable for combat military.


A relevant Naval academy official said, “’Summer military practical exercise by class’ started on June 30 to develop military knowledge and practical leadership as a primary grade officer. The exercise, continuing until the 25th, consists of extreme situation and field experience-oriented programs to polish up military techniques.”


The first grade will be given a practical exercise for landing operation at Pohang, Gyeongbuk, by the education and training group of the Marine Corps, and the second improve their submergence rescuing and fleet operating capabilities at the naval port in Jinhae. Finally the third is going to strive for coastal exercise, visiting seven domestic ports by fleet.


With a motto of “No Pain, No Gain”, 150 first cadets are focused on acquiring the Marine spirit, “Always victory at war”.


They will gain an understanding of landing operation environment with Korea Amphibious Assault Vehicle(KAAV) and Inflatable Boat Small(IBS) experience as well as be given basic tactical training for ground warfare such as guerrilla training, individual combat, march and airborne basics. They are also improving field skills with an intense 30km Cheonjabong march with full load, battlefield leadership training, outdoor billets and hand grenade throwing training. These all are to experience and overcome physical limits so that they can be reborn as a true soldier.


 For 141 second cadets, they are improving sea adaptability and viability with the slogan of “Hands-on Navy”.


They will visit each unit in the Jinhae area and related organizations to understand their functions and roles, then get on board nine fleets by type including Yulgok YiYi Ham, a AEGIS cruiser, acquiring education of specialist and equipment practice. While experiencing basic duty of the fleet crewmembers such as anchor watch, general quarter and repair and maintenance, these cadets can build up their qualification as primary grade officers. Especially from July 14 to 25, there will be sea adaptability and viability training for which the Navy should prepare. Naval warfare will be strengthened by undergoing training such as diving, emergency takeoff and lifesaving training at the Navy Ship Salvage Unit (SSU).


The third cadets, 146, will develop coastal practice extending into Ieodo, Baengnyeongdo and Dokdo under the flag of “Embracing the Navy Spirit”.


They went on board the Jeonnam Ham, a convoy, and Seonginbong Ham, a landing ship, on June 30, learning sailing duty officer’s tasks and fleet operating ability. They also visit land, sea and air units and battlefields by port of call to improve understanding of combined and united operations as well as develop patriotic spirit. Students majoring in military science at Chungnam and Sejong university will also go with them for partial period.


Moreover, near Jindo coast on the way of returning to home port in Jinhae, they will offer flowers at sea to pay their respect to the souls of the Sewol victims.


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