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“Go for it, Dongmyeong”

“Go for it, Dongmyeong”



Beautiful mind, a charity group of cultural diplomacy, held a performance for soldiers of Dongmyeong unit who are carrying out PKO(peacekeeping operations) missions in Lebanon.

There were various cultural performance to raise their spirits.

Starting with an ensemble on the piano and cello by Prof. Kim Ji-Seong and Bae Il-Hwan, the classic and traditional Korean music performance went smoothly with fluting by Prof. Cho Seon-Rang, an ensemble with the haegeum and gayageum by Prof. Kang Ye-Won and Kwak Eun-Ah, pansori by Prof. Chae Soo-Jeong, etc.

“This amazing performance was help to soldiers missing their families as their duration has been extended from six to eight months. We all are doing our best to complete the mission here, sticking to our guns until the last moment,” said Colonel Ham Nam-Gyu, the commander of Dongmyeong unit.

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