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[11th Division] “Competition among the gods of war” ... skilled ...

[11th Division] “Competition among the gods of war” ... skilled in actual capability and sense of battle



The Artillery Brigade, 11th Division, recently held a gunnery competition for attaining proficiency in the field of counterfire warfare and firing procedure for gunners. The competition was to review the ability through actually performed gunnery and master the sense of combat.

It started as the observation team identified the virtual enemy. When the observation team decided on the target location and requested firing, the fire direction center made a decision on the means of firing. After that, a gunshot commanding group quickly and accurately conducted the firing procedure, inserting cannons and targeting.

Prior to the competition, the unit had planned a fair and safe evaluation by discussing how to evaluate, checking the checklist and providing danger prediction education.

“We have evaluated whether the mission can be conducted quickly and safely during warfare. There is a saying that the god of war is an artillery. I hope that soldiers will be aware that strong firepower is the central axial of ground warfare in all ages,” said Colonel Cheon Eun-Chan, the commander of the artillery brigade.

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