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[6th Engineer brigade] All dance together ... feeling a communic...

[6th Engineer brigade] All dance together ... feeling a communicative pulse



“Develop the power of unity and a cooperative spirit by dancing in groups”

The 6th Engineer Brigade held a company-class group dance contest at the military training ground on December 17. Eleven companies, after preliminary rounds by battalion, showed off their well-prepared dances with heart and soul during the last month.

In spite of the chilly weather, soldiers danced to military songs and healthy music like “Heading for the Front”. It was a good opportunity to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation by keeping in step with all the commissioned officers of the company, including the company commanders, and soldiers as well.

Judgment of the contest lasted for about two hours and fairness was ensured with company commander judges who have selection rights except for their own battalion. Splitting Waves Company, a unit under the direct control of the Engineer brigade, won the contest and was awarded certificates, vacation and prize money.

“With this group dance contest, it was a meaningful moment to develop the spirit of unity and cooperation of the company as well as to boost loyalty to the unit. There will be various opportunities to raise the power of the combination in the future,” said Brigadier General Han Chul-Ki, the commander of the 6th Engineer Brigade.

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