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Leaving behind hope in The Philippines ... Araw Unit’s dispatch ...

Leaving behind hope in The Philippines ... Araw Unit’s dispatch ends

“Like the Korean people sending the Araw Unit to us, keeping in mind The Philippines’ help during the 6·25 Korean War, now it’s our turn to remember the unit for the great contribution it has made to promoting friendly relations between the two countries.”

Philippines Defense Minister Voltaire Gazmin expressed his gratitude at the “Closing event for disaster recovery mission” held on December 16, saying that the recovery activities the unit has completed became an example not only in The Philippines but also in the international society.

The event was held to announce the successful completion of dispatching activities to help The Philippines, which suffered from super typhoon Haiyan, during the last year, and proceeded in the order of opening ceremony of Dispatching Memorial Park, equipment and supplies presentation ceremony and local mission completion. The Defense Minister especially enhanced the meaning of the event by awarding a Civil Military Operation Medal, Bakas Parangel, to the Araw Unit.

Major General Oh Jung-Il, the deputy chief of civil-military operations, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, “The Philippine government and the people recognize that the Araw Unit has not only strengthened the relationship between Korea and The Philippines but also made a contribution to building trust and promoting its national status in the international society.” Soldiers will come home to Korea by chartered flight via Cebu, The Philippines, on December 22.

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