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Korea-U.S. shares how to handle mass casualties with added effic...

Korea-U.S. shares how to handle mass casualties with added efficiency


25th Division and U.S. 2nd Division hold a conference and demonstrative education



“Korea-U.S. combined operations, all clear!”

The 25th Division and the U.S. 2nd Division held a conference and demonstrative education for handling mass casualties(MC) at a training ground in Camp Casey.

The demonstration, co-conducted by Colonel Kang Jong-Gu, the commander of the medical department of the Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command (CFC) and Colonel Friedman, the U.S. 8th medical staff officer, was prepared to identify the doctrinal differences between the two countries and establish the concept of how to handle combined mass casualties. There were military relevant officials including commanders of both the 25th Division and the U.S. 2nd Division, and around 300 soldiers attended the training and understood the process to cope with the war wounded. Korean and American doctrine experts introduced how both countries handle mass casualties in detail, having a time for introductory education and conference. And they also displayed relevant medical equipment supplies to broaden the soldiers’ understanding.

Based on this demonstrative education, Korea-U.S. combined forces command is planning to conduct Korea-U.S. combined FTX when practicing KR/FE next year. After that, the combined doctrine research project for mass casualty will be actively carried out.

“It was a valuable time to find out common and different aspects in MC-handling between Korea and the US. I’m expecting to cope with the wounded efficiently during the warfare if we further develop the combined doctrine based on today’s demonstration results,” said a medical official of the 2nd Division who participated in the demonstration.

And the 25th divisional commander also said, “I hope a combat unit to develop the ability to focus on the fight when deploying the combined reinforcements through this perfect combined MC-handling education.”

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