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“Realistic S. Korea-US exercise, source of power to counter North Korea’s provocations”

President Yoon visited CP TANGO of ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC)

Asked to develop ways to enhance the execution of extended deterrence

Urged to establish strong response posture to the North's nuclear and missile provocations

Emphasized systematic TTX and CPX exercises


On August 23, President Yoon Suk Yeol (middle in f

On August 23, President Yoon Suk Yeol (middle in front row) visited the Command Post Theater Air Naval Ground Operations (CP TANGO) of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC). After observing the Ulchi Freedom Shield 2023 combined exercise, he is pictured here with Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup and ROK-US CFC Commander Paul LaCamera. Provided by the Office of the President


On August 23, at the Command Post Theater Air Naval Ground Operations (CP TANGO) of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC), President Yoon Suk Yeol emphasized, “A robust response posture must be established, combining both nuclear and non-nuclear forces of South Korea and US, in the scenario of North Korea’s use of nuclear weapons.”


"During his visit to CP TANGO to inspect the combined exercise for the 2023 Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS), President Yoon made this statement. He also requested the preparation of a military response plan to enhance the effectiveness of extended deterrence execution through the South Korea-US Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG)," said the Office of the President spokesperson, Lee Do-woon.


President Yoon received a report about the exercise in a briefing room. He remarked, “Since the inauguration of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command in 1978, the CP TANGO has played a pivotal role in commanding the army, naval, and air forces of both countries in wartime scenarios. The CFC Battle Staff, participating in the combined exercises, symbolizes a strong military alliance.” He then expressed appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the soldiers.


Noting that North Korea’s threats such as nuclear and missiles and cyber and psychological warfare are becoming more sophisticated and diversified, President Yoon stressed, “In these circumstances, the overwhelming capability of the ROK-US alliance, realistic trainings and exercises of ROK-US troops and robust defense posture will deter and be the source of power in an immediate and firm response to the North’s provocations.”


He also said, “This exercise focuses on strengthening the alliance’s crisis management and response capabilities with scenarios of a war breaking out quickly and abruptly, and North Korea’s advanced nuclear and missile capabilities.”


He added that 8,000 troops from South Korea and the US are participating in the 38 field training exercises. He emphasized that only realistic exercises and training can enhance the robust combined defense readiness of the alliance.


President Yoon urged the establishment of a stronger response posture against North’s nuclear and missile threats. He said, “Tabletop exercises (TTX) and command post exercises (CPX) must be systematically conducted in response to North Korea’s nuclear threats, and an alliance response plan must be developed.”


President Yoon mentioned the outcome from of a trilateral leaders’ summit in the United States, saying, “On August 18, at Camp David, South Korea, the United States, and Japan committed to further enhancing cooperation against the North’s nuclear and missile threats. The South Korea-US-Japan security cooperation framework will address the risk of provocations by the North and contribute to the freedom, peace, and prosperity of the mankind.”


General Paul LaCamera, who accompanied President Yoon during his inspection, said, “To address new challenging security threats on the Korean Peninsula, I am closely cooperating with the Defense Ministry and Joint Chiefs of Staff, and we are staging realistic exercises following the instructions of President Yoon.”

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