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South Korea and US defense ministers emphasize strong and overwhelming combined defense posture

Minister Shin Won Sik talked with Secretary Austin over the phone

The two agreed on joint efforts to realize peace through strength

They promised the faithful implementation of the defense vision of the South Korea-US alliance

  On February 28, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik sp


On February 28, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik spoke by phone with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III. Provided by the Ministry of National Defense


The South Korea and US defense ministers reaffirmed the robust South Korea-US alliance and combined defense posture. Defense Minister Shin Won Sik had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on February 28 to discuss the security situation on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.


During the conversation, the two ministers exchanged views on the latest circumstances regarding North Korea and reaffirmed their commitment to closely cooperate in their policies toward the North Korea.


In particular, both ministers strongly condemned the North Korea’s reckless acts such as multiple missile launches and naval provocations, which have escalated tensions on the Korean Peninsula, They also agreed that the increasing military cooperation between Russia and North Korea, such as the North Korea's illegal arms trade, poses a serious threat to international peace and security as well as to the Korean Peninsula. They stressed that they will respond firmly in coordination with the international community.


Both ministers also highlighted the importance of maintaining a strong and overwhelming combined defense readiness and close collaboration within the alliance to deter the North Korea’s threats.


They reaffirmed the ironclad commitment of the United States to defend the South Korea, and pledged to realize peace through strength on the Korean Peninsula. The minister and the secretary decided to further enhance the implementation of extended deterrence and strengthen security cooperation among South Korea, the United States and Japan.


Last year, both ministers evaluated the achievements over their alliance, commemorating its 70th anniversary and promised to faithfully implement the “defense vision of the alliance” agreed upon during the 55th South Korea-US Security Consultative Meeting (SCM). They expressed their determination to build on three pillars of alliance cooperation: (1) enhancing extended deterrence efforts against North Korea; (2) modernizing alliance capabilities and advancing towards a science and technology alliance; and (3) strengthening solidarity with like-minded partners.


This was the first conversation between the defense ministers since Secretary Austin’s return to work at the Pentagon, with the exception of Ukraine and Israel, which are currently at war. Secretary Austin recently resumed his duties after being hospitalized and released due to health concerns.


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