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“Securing peace through strength: the imperative of a solid combined defense posture”

Minister Shin Won Sik met with the United States Secretary of the Navy

They agreed on the importance of strengthening ROK-U.S. combined naval forces

They also exchanged views on shipbuilding and defense industry cooperation

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On February 26, at the Defense Ministry in Yongsan, Seoul, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik (left) held discussions with U.S. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro. They deliberated on the current security dynamics of the Korean Peninsula and surrounding region, explored strategies for defense against Northern threats, and discussed potential avenues for defense industry collaboration.


February 26, at the Yongsan Defense Ministry in Seoul, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik and U.S. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro had a productive exchange regarding the security climate of the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas, strategies for mutual defense against Northern aggression, and opportunities for collaboration in the defense sector.


Minister Shin underscored the importance of a robust ROK-U.S. combined defense strategy, advocating for 'peace through strength' as a means to counteract North Korean provocations effectively.


Minister Shin expressed his appreciation for the U.S. Navy's robust support in reinforcing extended deterrence, highlighted by the increased presence of U.S. strategic assets. Notably, this included the first visit of a nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) in 40 years last year.


Secretary of the U.S. Navy Del Toro described the ROK-U.S. alliance as a cornerstone of security for both the Korean Peninsula and the wider region. He expressed his gratitude for South Korea's capabilities and contributions, highlighting the country's pivotal role in the global supply chain. Furthermore, Del Toro anticipated the alliance's progression towards a partnership centered on science and technology.


The ministers were in agreement on the necessity of bolstering naval strength through enhanced shipbuilding capabilities. Furthermore, they recognized the significance of defense industry collaboration in fortifying ROK-U.S. naval forces, emphasizing the stabilization of the supply chain and the enhancement of joint and combined operations.


Secretary Del Toro plans to inspect a shipyard to evaluate both the military and commercial strengths of Korea's shipbuilding sector, aiming to explore avenues for ROK-U.S. collaboration.


Following his discussion with the defense minister, Del Toro proceeded to engage with Chairman Kim Myung-soo at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, focusing on enhancing military collaboration to bolster the ROK-U.S. combined defense strategy. His agenda also included engagements with leaders from the Navy and Marine Corps.

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