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“Immediate and strong response to provocations at MDL and NLL directed”

Defense Minister Shin Won Sik conducted an inspection of the Ground Operations Command's readiness.

Amidst a severe security environment, he stressed the importance of maintaining military superiority

“Immediate and strong response to provocations at


Defense Minister Shin Won Sik conducted an inspection of the Ground Operations Command's readiness level on February 16, underlining the directive to 'respond immediately, strongly, and decisively' to any provocations.


On February 16, Defense Minister Shin Won Sik made a firm declaration that any provocations by the enemy at the south side of the MDL and NLL would be met with immediate, strong, and conclusive responses, aiming to annihilate all provocative forces and their support structures


During his visit to the Ground Operations Command for an inspection of their readiness and to boost the morale of the soldiers, Minister Shin made his remarks.


Following a briefing on the command's operations, he highlighted that North Korea is consolidating its internal unity and consistently labels South Korea as its foremost enemy. This strategy aims to provoke internal conflicts within the South and intentionally create a climate conducive to war.


He further mentioned that on the previous day, North Korea had issued a threat to deploy armed force, dismissing our military's Northern Limit Line (NLL) as a ‘ghost line.’


He emphasized that given the current severe security climate, the role and duty of the Ground Operations Command have never been more critical. It is essential, he argued, to decisively surpass the North in terms of military preparedness and strength. He asserted that maintaining a strong defensive posture and the military's unwavering resolve to defend are the most reliable measures to deter war and ensure peace.

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