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“ROK-U.S. Alliance enhances the completeness of deterrence against North Korea and strengthens solidarity and cooperation”

Defense Minister Shin Won Sik meets U.S. House Representative Joe Wilson

Exchanged views on the security situation around the Korean Peninsula

Wilson also met with Speaker of the National Assembly Kim Jin-pyo

Discussed the creation of a parliamentary union and measures to deter North Korea’s cyber operations

“ROK-U.S. Alliance enhances the completeness of de


Defense Minister Shin Won Sik (left) and U.S. House Representative Joe Wilson exchange views on ways to develop the ROK-U.S. Alliance at the Defense Ministry on January 26.



Defense Minister Shin Won Sik met with Joe Wilson, a U.S. House Representative who is visiting Korea on January 26 and discussed ways of developing the ROK-U.S. Alliance, and regional security situation on the Korean Peninsula and the region.


Minister Shin expressed appreciation for his enthusiastic activities to strengthen the ROK-U.S. Alliance as the co-chair of the Congressional Korea Caucus, a meeting of pro-South Korea congressmen in the United States Congress.


In particular, Minister Shin extended his gratitude to Wilson for his efforts to emphasize the U.S. commitment to extended deterrence in the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and called for the attention of the U.S. Congress to strengthen the execution of extended deterrence.


Wilson said that as a member of U.S. House Armed Services Committee, he is keen on outstanding ROK/U.S. military issues and he will spare no efforts to maintain a strong ROK/U.S. combined defense posture.


He assessed that the ROK-U.S. Alliance achieved dramatic progress last year based on the Washington Declaration and Camp David Agreement and said that the defense industry supply chain can be enhanced through close bilateral cooperation.


Noting that North Korea has continued provocations amid increasingly unstable international security circumstances, Minister Shin stressed the importance of enhancing the completeness of deterrence against the North with the ROK-U.S. Alliance to promote peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the region and of strengthening solidarity and cooperation with like-minded countries.


Representative Wilson said that North Korea’s nuclear and missile development poses a threat to the international community as well as the Korean Peninsula, and that cooperation from the international community is urgently needed to advance the denuclearization of North Korea.


The Ministry of National Defense said both sides agreed that the interest and support of the parliament and the government are important for strengthening the ROK-U.S. alliance, and pledged to work together to ensure that the ROK-U.S. alliance can develop into a global comprehensive strategic alliance.


National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo met Representative Wilson and discussed ways to strengthen the ROK-U.S. Alliance such as the creation of a ROK-U.S. parliamentary union.


Speaker Kim said, “When Nancy Pelosi, the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, visited Korea, she and I agreed to establish a parliamentary union between the two countries, blood allies, and this is also included in the resolution on the 70th anniversary of the ROK-U.S. alliance, which was unanimously adopted by the Korean ruling and opposition parties in February last year.” He added, “Given the importance of the ROK-U.S. alliance, I would be grateful if you could ensure that it is discussed when I visit the United States in April.”


Rep. Wilson responded, “There is bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress for ROK-U.S. relations, and I will convey Speaker Kim’s plan to visit the United States to Speaker of the House of Representatives Michael Johnson and work closely with other pro-Korean members of Congress.”


Speaker Kim said North Korea is engaged in illegal cyber activities to raise funds for nuclear and missile development and called for the attention of the U.S. Congress to prepare effective deterrence measures.


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