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“Overwhelming offensive capabilities with the development of drone forces”

Defense Minister Shin Won Sik conducted field guidance for the Drone Operations Command.

He ordered “a highly advanced joint combat unit.”


“Overwhelming offensive capabilities with the deve


Defense Minister Shin Won Sik visits the Drone Operations Command on January 8 and is briefed on forces status from its commander, Major General Lee Bo-hyung.

Defense Minister Shin Won Sik visited the Drone Operations Command on January 8 and inspected the sites of advanced drone forces and emphasized the importance of drones.


While being briefed on the status of the operation, Minister Shin said, "North Korea has shown the audacity to blame the deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula on the South and has been steadily intensifying asymmetric threats such as strengthening UAV forces and escalating nuclear and missile threats.”


He added, "In the midst of this grave security situation, our soldiers must be firmly equipped mentally and cultivate the ability to overwhelm the enemy immediately, strongly, till the end to realize peace through strength."


Minister Shin also stressed, "We must strengthen the defense system to counter the enemy's drones with the steady development of drone forces under Defense Innovation 4.0, and strengthen the ability to launch offensive attacks on key targets inside North Korea in case of emergency."


He added, "Drones are a game-changer on the battlefield and have proven effective in armed conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and in the Israel-Hamas war," and said, "The Drone Operations Command must grow into a highly advanced joint combat force that threatens the enemy and provides reassurance to the people.”


The commander of the Drone Operations Command, Major General Lee Bo-hyung, expressed his strong commitment by saying, "If North Korea threatens the lives and property of our people by using drones again, we will be fully prepared to launch offensives by sending a large number of advanced drones of various types to North Korea."


The Defense Ministry plans to gradually expand the Drone Operations Command and rapidly mobilize advanced drones on the battlefield, developing it into a joint combat unit capable of carrying out highly sophisticated strategic and operational missions.

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