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Defense Minister Shin Won Sik visits the 2nd Marine Division OP

First field visit in the New Year, saying “if the enemy provokes, respond immediately, strongly, until the end”

Inspected military readiness posture and encouraged soldiers.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was in a command flight aboard Peace Eye.


Defense Minister Shin Won Sik visits the 2nd Marin

Defense Minister Shin Won Sik visits the 2nd Marine Division on January 1 of the new year and inspects its readiness posture.

Defense Minister Shin Won Sik and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Kim Myung-soo encouraged soldiers dedicated to their mission on the first day of the new year and confirmed its military readiness posture.


Minister Shin visited the 2nd Marine Division OP, also known as the Blue Dragon Division, on January 1, 2024, the Year of the Blue Dragon, and was briefed on its operations status. Minister Shin said, “North Korea said in a year-end plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea that it will continue to accelerate preparations for war to occupy the entire territory of South Korea by employing all physical means and capabilities,” and he assessed that the North can make provocations at anytime. He said, “If the enemy makes provocations, punish them immediately, strongly, until the end to annihilate and reduce them to ashes.” Minister Shin had Shin Won-bae, a retired major general who was the eighth commander of the 2nd Marine Division and is called the legend of the Blue Dragon Division, talk over the phone with unit members to give New Year’s greetings and well-wishing remarks.


Minister Shin told the troops, "In the Year of the Blue Dragon, I appreciate the dedication and efforts of the Blue Dragon Division," and urged them to "lead the invincible Marine Corps to destroy the enemy that threatens South Korea with pride as the descendants of Marines who left a legacy of courage and invincibility.” Furthermore, he urged commanders to "guide units and raise morale so that the sound of gunfire, roar and military song will shake heaven and earth." Members of the Blue Dragon Division shouted, “Remember, immediately, strongly, until the end!” and pledged a firm commitment to respond strongly to provocations.


Dining with members of the division, Minister Shin encouraged them by saying, “People can live comfortably thanks to you, and I am proud of each one of you who is firmly defending the Republic of Korea with the invincible spirit of the Marine Corps.”


Kim Myung-soo, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, inspects military readiness posture on board Air Force E-737 Peace Eye on January 1.

Provided by Joint Chiefs of Staff

Chairman Kim conducted a command flight on Air Force AEW&C E-737 Peace Eye for the New Year and inspected the readiness postures of units on the Korean Peninsula and overseas dispatched units at 06:30 in the morning of January 1.


He spoke by phone with several commanders: those of the Dongmyeong Unit stationed in Lebanon; the Sejong the Great-class AEGIS destroyer, which has a standard displacement of 7,600 tons and is on a mission in the East Sea; the Air Force Operations Command, responsible for defending the airspace; the 6th Marine Brigade, which protects the frontline contact area with the enemy; and the 22nd Infantry Division's GOP battalion.


Chairman Kim inspected developments on the frontlines and operational areas and encouraged the troops, saying, "I appreciate your efforts day and night to maintain a perfect state of readiness. Thanks to your dedication, people are welcoming the New Year peacefully. He added, "Do not look back and act boldly, as the Joint Chiefs of Staff are always with you.”


The command flight of Chairman Kim was conducted to inspect the readiness of combat units of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps and units dispatched overseas, while flying over the Korean Peninsula, and to encourage soldiers on a mission on the first day of the new year.


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