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[Minister Suh Wook] “We are analyzing the long-range cruise missiles launched by the North, in cooperation with the US”

ROK successfully fires ‘SLBM’ from submarine

“It seems the North’s launch is part of a plan for weapons development, and it can be assessed as an armed protest,” Minister Suh Wook said at an interpellation session at the National Assembly 

Regarding the long-range cruise missiles launched by the North, Minister Suh said “The Republic of Korea (ROK) and the United States (US) are analyzing the details in cooperation.”

Suh made the announcement on the analysis of missiles launched by the North during an interpellation session at the National Assembly on September 14. 

Regarding the purpose of the missile launch, Suh explained, “The North declared that it will push its ‘five-year plan for the development of a weapons system’ as part of strengthening the defense power at the 8th national convention held in January. It seems the North test-launched (the missiles) accordingly,” adding, “We assess this as demonstrating the North’s intention of an armed protest.”

Regarding the level of technology, “We were aware of the trend of the development of such missiles from early 2000. We assess that the North has gotten into the development of novel cruise missiles through its accumulated technology,” Suh said.

When asked about the need to upgrade our military’s air defense system, Suh replied, “We have the capabilities needed to detect and intercept the North’s cruise missiles. If we find after close inspection that there are parts we are still lacking, we will work to make up for it.”

Regarding the cruise missiles launched from the North, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement, “We are keeping tabs on the trend, through close cooperation between the intelligence authorities of the ROK and the US.”

When asked about the details of the cruise missiles, including the results of the analysis of launch, launch point, flight track, and data, Colonel Kim Jun-rak, chief of public affairs of the JCS, said “Our military assesses that the North is continuing to develop cruise missiles,” at his regular briefing. 

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