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Conduct Freedom Shield 23 exercise

Conduct Freedom Shield 23 exercise

ROK-U.S. will conduct the Freedom Shield exercise, to strengthen combined defensive posture for 11 days, from MAR 13-23.

Freedom Shield is designed to strengthen defense and response capabilities of the Alliance by focusing within the exercise scenario on things such as, the changing security environment, DPRK aggression and lessons learned from recent wars and conflicts.

During the exercise period, we will also conduct a number of large-scaled combined FTXs that have returned to the scale of "Foal Eagle", one of those exercise will include a combined amphibious drill, that will be conducted to improve combined operation execution capabilities.

ROK-U.S. is going to name the combined FTXs conducted during FS as WS FTX(Warrior Shield FTX). WS FTX stands for the ROK-U.S. Alliance's capability and resolution to ensure a combined defense posture to defend the ROK.


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