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2015 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

2015 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

The ‘Republic of Korea Armed Forces Publicity Booklet’ was created in order to introduce and promote the greatness of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces to countries around the world. It discusses the history of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, its major divisions, main policies, advanced weapons and more.




1. Prologue : ROK Armed Forces, Rise Up Themselves


2. Intro : Foundation Spirit of the ROK

3. 2015, 70 Years after Liberation, History of the ROK Armed Forces

4. The ROK Today


5. National Defense Organizations

6. Army

7. Navy

8. Air Force


9. Defense Industry

10. Weapon Systems of the ROK

11. History of Major Weapon Systems Development


12. Korean War

13. ROK-U.S. Alliance

14. Overseas Military Exchanges

15. SDD-Seoul Defense Dialogue

16. CISM World Games Mungyeong Korea


17. Efforts for World Peace


18. Epilogue : ROK Armed Forces, Defenders of Peace


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